Unlocking East Asia’s Gaming Potential
December 11, 2023

Unlocking East Asia’s Gaming Potential


The East Asian PC and mobile game markets, encompassing Japan, South Korea, and Taipei, are experiencing significant growth, as highlighted in a new report by Niko Partners. The report’s projections indicate a dynamic shift in the gaming industry within this region.

Overview of the East Asian Gaming Market

1. Market Size and Growth:

The report projects the East Asian PC and mobile game markets to reach $29.8 billion in 2023. This figure is expected to increase to $30.8 billion by 2027, showcasing a steady growth trajectory.

2. Regional Contributions:

- Japan: Dominating the market, Japan is expected to contribute over 60% of the consumer spending in the region. This highlights Japan’s significant role in the East Asian gaming landscape.

- South Korea: The Korean PC games market is particularly strong, accounting for more than 55% of East Asia’s games revenue. This underscores the popularity and dominance of PC gaming in South Korea.

- Taipei: Surprisingly, Taipei has a larger gaming population than both Japan and Korea, suggesting a high level of engagement with games among its population.

Future Projections

- Market Value by 2027: The forecast of $30.8 billion by 2027 indicates a positive outlook for the East Asian gaming market.

- Gaming Population Growth: The gaming population in East Asia is projected to reach 110.6 million by 2027. This growth in the gamer base is indicative of the expanding appeal and accessibility of gaming in the region.

Industry Insights

- Global Standing: East Asia houses the world’s third and fourth largest video game markets, showcasing its significant global impact.

- Market Maturity: The gaming industry in East Asia is considered mature, with gaming being an integral part of mainstream culture and industry. This maturity is a testament to the long-standing history and evolution of gaming in the region.

- Challenges and Resilience: Despite facing challenges like an aging population and slow economic growth, the East Asian gaming market continues to thrive. This resilience points to the robust nature of the gaming sector in this region.

The Niko Partners report paints a promising picture of the East Asian PC and mobile game markets, with Japan, South Korea, and Taipei playing pivotal roles. The steady growth, coupled with the increasing gaming population, positions East Asia as a formidable player in the global gaming industry. Despite facing demographic and economic challenges, the region’s gaming market continues to demonstrate strength and potential, indicating its enduring influence in the worldwide gaming landscape.

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