Tashi & Aethir Unite to Boost Multiplayer Gaming
December 14, 2023

Tashi & Aethir Unite to Boost Multiplayer Gaming


Tashi, the vanguard in serverless distributed multiplayer game sessions, joins forces with Aethir, the Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure industry disruptor to create new value around distributing cloud workflows aimed at improving multiplayer gaming around the world.

Singapore-headquartered Tashi has consistently broken boundaries in the gaming arena, offering a fully integrated, next-generation game development experience that redefines the essence of online multiplayer interactions. By delivering "a dedicated game server without the game server," Tashi's Web3-based platform ensures that gamers across the globe enjoy seamless, uninterrupted sessions.  

Aethir's prowess in addressing challenges such as high latency and surging cloud computing costs has set industry benchmarks. Their commitment to ensuring a fluid gaming milieu perfectly complements Tashi's innovative serverless approach.

"Tashi and Aethir share a common vision of offering high-quality gaming experiences to anyone and everyone around the world, without the need for gamers to have to buy or worry about infrastructure. Tashi looks forward to leveraging Aethir’s impressive distributed and decentralized GPU-based compute platform to further deliver a fully integrated, next-generation game development experience,” says Ken Anderson, Tashi’s Chief Technology Officer.
“We are honored to be collaborating with cutting-edge Web3 gaming companies like Tashi, who brings an innovative mesh multiplayer gaming offering to the market that is fast, cheap, and fair. This shared ideology of democratizing gaming for the masses starts with solid tech and ubiquitous infrastructure, so we are delighted to be supporting that need with Aethir’s quickly expanding GPU environment that continues to grow around the world,” says Kyle Okamoto, Aethir’s Chief Technology Officer.

The two organizations aim to enable a world where the vast expanse of gaming landscapes and gamers that want to game anywhere, anytime, on any device meets cutting-edge decentralized solutions. A realm that promises gamers not just unparalleled experiences, but also an ecosystem that is efficient, fair, progressive, and trailblazing.

With every game played and every session joined, Tashi and Aethir are not just setting new standards; they are creating the very fabric of future gaming narratives.

About Tashi

Tashi stands at the forefront of the gaming revolution. With its roots in Singapore and branches reaching out to California, Europe, and Asia, Tashi offers a fully integrated, next-generation game development journey. Championing serverless distributed multiplayer sessions and leveraging Tashi’s Consensus Engine at the heart of their platform, they redefine the traditional concept of gaming servers, ensuring every player's experience is unparalleled. Discover more at

About Aethir

Aethir is revolutionizing the cloud landscape by focusing on Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure (DCI) tailored for gaming and AI companies. Addressing a pressing issue in current cloud technology, Aethir offers an infrastructure alternative that solves the cost and latency challenges associated with delivering premium GPU computational loads to latency sensitive industries. Aethir offers an elegant infrastructure design that becomes faster and cheaper as it expands. Built by a seasoned team with experience in scaling top cloud gaming infrastructure, Aethir is an indispensable infrastructure solution for delivering low-latency, GPU resources via the cloud. Aethir is at the forefront of catering to the ever-evolving needs of the AI and Gaming industry, leading the way in the development and deployment of next-gen cloud solutions.


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