Square Enix is Launching 'Symbiogenesis'
November 20, 2023

Square Enix is Launching 'Symbiogenesis'


The game is slated for a December launch, raising anticipation among fans and crypto-gamers alike.

Square Enix, renowned for its Final Fantasy series, entered the blockchain gaming arena with “Symbiogenesis,” announced in November 2022. As the company’s first major foray into the Ethereum ecosystem, this project marks a significant step in integrating blockchain technology with gaming.

Overview of Symbiogenesis

Symbiogenesis” is a digital collectible art project, utilizing Ethereum and Polygon for its Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Set in a fantasy world where humanity resides on a floating continent and faces threats from a colossal dragon, this story-based browser game breaks traditional narrative boundaries. Interestingly, the game’s conclusion is not set in stone; instead, it allows three players to determine the fate of its world.

Gameplay Mechanics
1. Free and NFT Gameplay: While “Symbiogenesis” can be played for free, certain aspects, like influencing the game’s ending, are exclusive to NFT owners. Free players can experiencethe main storyline, but additional content and decision-making privileges require owning an NFT character.

2. NFT Acquisition: Square Enix has devised a unique approach for NFT distribution. Instead of a traditional minting process, they plan to release a portion of the 10,000 original character NFTs with each new story chapter. This method gradually unfolds the game’s universe and provides an engaging experience for players.

3. Discord Integration: The game emphasizes community engagement through its Discord server, offering special roles for in-game achievements. Tasks in Discord or on social media contribute to players’ eligibility for pre-sales or allowlist spots to purchase or mint Ethereum NFT characters.

4. Currency and Conversions: “Symbiogenesis” introduces three synthetic currencies: Slot Release Points (SP), Replica Issue Points (RP), and Conversion Points (CP). These currencies play vital roles in unlocking story sections, converting in-game items into NFTs, and issuing NFT replicas.

Game Modes and Features

Story Chapters: Players must complete all six chapters to be eligible for the final decision-making process.
Missions and Quests: The game includes various missions and more complex quests, necessitating teamwork and strategic gameplay.
Game Tabs: Players navigate through various tabs like Daily Rewards, Missions, Story, and more, each offering different aspects of gameplay and management.
NFT Integration: NFTs in “Symbiogenesis” are not just collectibles but integral to gameplay, offering hints and opportunities to convert in-game items into tradeable assets.

“Symbiogenesis” represents a bold step for Square Enix, blending the allure of gaming with the emerging world of blockchain and NFTs. Its innovative approach to storytelling, community engagement, and gameplay mechanics set a new precedent in the intersection of gaming and blockchain technology. As the launch date nears, stay tuned for what’s to come as we continue to build for this unique gaming experience.

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