NVIDIA Partners with Bitdeer & more
November 10, 2023

NVIDIA Partners with Bitdeer & more



Crypto Mining Firm Bitdeer Partners NVIDIA to Launch AI Cloud Solutions

The Nasdaq-listed firm plans to launch its platform, Bitdeer AI Cloud, in the first quarter of 2024. The platform will be among the first cloud services in the region powered by NVIDIA’s hardware and software systems for enterprises.

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Middle East “Everything App” Careem Expands Agreement with Lacework to Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Lacework is a data-driven cloud security company with a unique private-by-design architecture, because of which Careem selected it.

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AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud Win 66% of Worldwide Cloud Market in Q32023

The relative scale of their cloud operations now shows Microsoft being twice the size of Google, with Amazon being almost equal to the other two combined.

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Rockstar Plans to Announce Much Anticipated ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’

Rockstar Games, a division of Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., confirmed that it will begin promoting a new Grand Theft Auto game next month.

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Five Years After it Took on Steam, Epic Games Store is Yet to Make Profit

Epic still plans for growth — having said during its legal fight with Apple over Fortnite microtransactions in 2021 that it hoped to claim half of all money spent on PC gaming, as long as Steam didn’t “react” to the threat — but the store is yet to make any money.

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Assassin’s Creed Maker Ubisoft is Building a Crypto “Gaming Experience” with Immutable

Together, Ubisoft and Immutable are building “a new gaming experience that will further unlock the potential of Web3.”

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Wearable ‘AI Pin’ Launched by Humane, Backed by ex-Apple Execs and Microsoft

The AI Pin is designed to be worn on clothing and can be tapped to talk to a virtual assistant powered by technologies from ChatGPT-creator OpenAI and cloud computing power from Microsoft.

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Nvidia Develops AI chips for China in Latest Bid to Avoid US restrictions

Nvidia has developed three new chips tailored for China that aim to meet the region’s growing demand for artificial intelligence technology while complying with US export controls.

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Chinese president calls for unity on AI challenges and cyber development

Xi Jinping addressed the World Internet Conference Summit, saying there is a need to “deepen” exchanges and cooperation on an international level on AI challenges and cyberspace development.

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