Co-Marketing with Aethir's Vibrant Community
October 25, 2023

Co-Marketing with Aethir's Vibrant Community


Aethir is revolutionizing the cloud infrastructure landscape by focusing on Decentralised Cloud Infrastructure (DCI) tailored for gaming and AI companies.

We would like to partner with you on co-marketing efforts to stimulate the ecosystem, promote both of our companies, and progress our relationship to unlock future opportunities in the space.  

Below are prioritized marketing opportunities that we would like to partner on and are ready to begin the work.

Get in touch with our team via email  to get started.

Vrinda Kudaisya

Marketing Manager

Tanya Aggarwal

Marketing Manager

Franklin Uche

Community Lead

Joint Press Release

We regularly announce updates or feature Aethir in leading media publications such as The Block, BeInCrypto, etc. and we’re looking to collaborate with external partner organizations on these media announcements. We are flexible on our approach and open to your ideas and suggestions, with the objective to promote both brands and celebrate our synergies with partners. We would like both Aethir and your organization to publish the PR through various outlets.

We’re looking to celebrate our synergy with our partners.

Check out our recent partnership news with GAM3S.GG!

Aethir x GAM3S.GG

Be a guest on our weekly X Spaces

We run the Spaces on X (formerly Twitter) that's dedicated to dive deep into the evolution of gaming. We’re excited to create a community to join us in these discussions.  

This is designed for any partner that’s integrating Web3 in their games, a gamer interested in a decentralized future or a builder.  

We have a large community to which we promote these spaces with a Twitter following of 25k. We use external web3 campaign sites such as Zealy, Galaxe and QuestN to further promote our Twitter Spaces.  

We have a strong base of followers that joins us every week and it’s continuing to grow as we partner with more organizations.  

1200 listeners every week.

We would be delighted to have you join us in one of these sessions.

Speak on our podcast, Behind The Screen

Behind the Screen is Aethir's Deep Dive into the worlds of compute, gaming, web3, and Cloud.  

For Gamers. Builders. Visionaries.

Read more.

Check out the Teaser!

Co-write on all things gaming and cloud  

With a strong X (formerly Twitter) following on our main page as well as a heavily engaged Linkedin presence, we would love to collaborate on content with our partners. In addition to hosting you on Behind The Screen and on The Expansion Pack, we’d also love to be on your platform and hosted on your spaces.  

We’d also love to have marketing collaborations with you whether it be for likes and engagement or thought leadership.

We’re open to ideas from you about how we can collaborate more effectively and what you think the perfect collaboration looks like.  

Check out our blog for some of the content we create on a regular basis.

Co-write an article together for our website. We could even do a retweet campaign to build a strongr social presence for our brands.

Join Aethir gaming nights on Discord

On Discord, we have a strong and growing presence in the Web3 ecosystem.    

Ways in which we can collaborate extend from participating in our biweekly tech and community AMAs to sponsoring our Gaming Nights with gaming influencers.

Partners can also join our bi-weekly tech and community AMAs.

Join our Discord

Our Community Numbers  

We are a fast growing and vibrant community that’s continuing to build the best cloud gaming infrastructure, expand and grow as we develop more meaningful partnerships and strong collaboration with partners like you.

2,68,000 members and growing..

Our presence extends across multiple platforms. We boast numbers such as,  

  • Twitter: 138K
  • Telegram: 70K
  • Discord: 50K
  • LinkedIn: 5K
  • YouTube: 5K
  • Total community: 268K


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