Deadrop-ing the hottest game of the year
June 19, 2023

Deadrop-ing the hottest game of the year


Deadrop, one of this year’s hottest -blockchain game is developed by Midnight Society, a game studio founded by iconic game streamer, Dr DisRespect. Popularly recognised in a black mullet wig, sunglasses, and a moustache, he’s known for his ruthless wit on live streams for his millions of fans. Dr DisRespect’s vast experience designing games adds to his persona. Having experience with Hi-Rez Studios in designing custom maps and skins, he was also a multiplayer level designer for Call of Duty — Advanced Warfare. His newest and arguably one of the hottest games to hit the market this year, Deadrop is a vertical extraction shooter, the first of its kind, combining arena shooter level design with strategic minute-by-minute gameplay.

What viability do extraction shooters have in the world of Web 3? How can Aethir enhance your gameplay?

Set in a dark, dystopian world which exists 40 years in the aftermath of a global climate crisis, cities have erected refiner states to extract toxins from the stratosphere. In Deadrop, towers have self-governed ‘city-states’ that export space dust, a concentrate sold to the population of the cities surrounding these structures. Apart from this retro aesthetic vibe that the game world is set in, Deadrop’s proximity chat feature is one of its most innovative features. Using this chat, players can hear and chat strategy or team up with others proximate to them in the game.

The Founders’ Pass in Deadrop gives players a foray into the world of Web 3 and NFTs. Deadrop’s Midnight Society Founders’ Access Pass, which you can buy off OpenSea, grants holders early access to the game. The floor price of these Polygon-based NFTs is valued at around 0.4 ETH, which as of May 3rd is the equivalent of 748 USD. Users that minted a pass were able to play test builds of the game as it took shape. With a founders’ pass, amongst other perks, players have access to in-development builds, voting rights on key design decisions, exclusive gear drops and unique avatars in the form of 10,000 cyberpunk-esque ‘VisorCortexes.’

The blockchain technology incorporated in the game is purely additive and players have the option not to interact with this technology. The subtle inclusion of NFTs gives crypto normies a chance to familiarise themselves with the blockchain, without it being forced upon them. Reviews suggest that new iterations of the game may have rare in-game items in the form of NFTs.

Having said that, extraction shooter games such as Deadrop, have huge viability in the Web 3 space. Decentralised games such as Illuvium reward players with ILV tokens when they unlock achievements. This gives players ownership of their assets and is a fun and easy way to make money as they play. Other use cases include governance tokens for games whereby players can stake their tokens to vote on proposals that impact the games’ future.

The integration of decentralised gaming gives players greater control over their in-game possessions and a chance to participate in the games’ decision-making process. Decentralised servers open the gates to new use cases and less constraints if games are hosted on these servers.

Here’s where Aethir comes into the picture.

With Aethir’s technology, games can be hosted on blockchain, and players of different demographics will have high-definition access to games. The platform can make any game instant play on any device and by rendering capacity to its users, Aethir can offer global accessibility to the metaverse, regardless of economic standing and available hardware. This is the perfect way for Deadrop to expand across socio-economic borders.

I’m really hoping that in highly competitive and promising games like Deadrop, Aethir could provide value and shape the future of gaming.



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