Alibaba’s AI Upgrade, Palantir’s Surge, and More..
November 10, 2023

Alibaba’s AI Upgrade, Palantir’s Surge, and More..



China’s Digital Economy Drive Propels Cloud Computing Market

In 2022, China’s cloud computing market volume expanded 40.91 percent year on year to reach 455 billion yuan (about 63.37 billion U.S. dollars), much faster than the global growth rate of 19 percent, and it might top one trillion yuan in 2025 due to growth efforts.

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Lumentum to Buy Cloud Light for $750 Million

Lumentum Holdings will buy Hong Kong-based Cloud Light Technology for about $750 million, as the networking equipment maker is looking to capitalize on growing demand for cloud computing.

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Alibaba Unveils AI Upgrade for Cloud Service to Rival Amazon and Microsoft

The company announced its GenAI Service Platform, which lets companies build their own generative AI applications using their own data to rival US tech giants.

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Indian Gaming Industry to Reach $7.5B by 2028

The country expects a 20% growth CAGR driven by increase in in-app purchases and advertising revenues in casual and mid-core games.

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Samsung partners with AMD and Qualcomm to Enhance Gaming Performance in Galaxy S24 series

The move comes as Samsung aims to rectify the performance issues encountered during its initial attempt at raytracing with the Exynos 2200 and its AMD RDNA-based Xclipse 920 GPU.

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JetSynthesys Partners with Brinc to Launch a Gaming Accelerator Programme

JetSynthesys will serve as the primary investor in Brinc Gaming and plans to invest around $200,000 each across more than 25 companies over a three-year period.

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Google and Microsoft Bet on Karya to Make AI Work For a Billion Users in India

Some of the most prominent names in Silicon Valley are working with Karya to build AI tools that better support non-English speakers in India; the company is led by a 27-year old Stanford alum.

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Palantir Surges as AI to Power Growth after ‘Most Significant’ Profit

Palantir surged ~20% after signalling that its AI offerings would aid growth in the last three months of 2023, after delivering a fourth straight quarterly profit on growing demand for its data analytics services from corporates.

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Britain to invest 300 Million Pounds in AI supercomputing

Funding for the “AI Research Resource” will be increased to 300 million pounds ($363.57 million) from a previously announced 100 million pounds, the government said at an AI safety summit aimed at charting a safe way forward for the rapidly evolving technology.

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