Aethir Partners With Impossible Finance
December 8, 2023

Aethir Partners With Impossible Finance


Aethir, a pioneer in Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure (DCI) for Gaming and AI, is thrilled to unveil a partnership with Impossible Finance, a leading Web3 research advisory firm and launchpad, aimed at transforming cloud infrastructure in the Web3 space.

This strategic collaboration will further Aethir’s mission to provide accessible, high-quality cloud services to individuals and businesses worldwide. Aethir has secured $9 million in funding from renowned investors such as Hashkey Group, Framework, Animoca Brands, and Maelstrom in its Pre-A funding round.  

At its core, Aethir is dedicated to the democratization of powerful hardware accessibility for all, a mission that underscores the partnership with Impossible Finance.  

Calvin Chu, Core Builder, Impossible Finance, said “We are excited to partner with Aethir to remove hardware barriers of processing power in gaming and AI. Their ethos is synergistic with Impossible Finance, and our common goal of creating a fair and accessible digital financial system for everyone.”
Mark Rydon, Co-Founder & CEO, Aethir, says, "At Aethir, our vision has always been clear: to revolutionize cloud scalability for the future of gaming and AI. Partnering with Impossible Finance amplifies our mission, aligning two powerhouses on a shared journey to redefine the limits of what's possible in the cloud domain.”

This partnership further places Web3 adoption at its core. By tapping on the potential of the gaming industry comprising over 3 billion gamers, Aethir utilizes blockchain technology to offer a new approach to cloud storage, bringing greater security, increased transparency, lower costs and eliminating latency for hardware-constrained games. This enables game developers to maximize their reach in this behemoth market while empowering gamers to play any game on any device, anywhere in the world.  

Additionally, as the demand for AI solutions surges across industries, Aethir's decentralized cloud infrastructure emerges as a vital asset. It ensures seamless, low-latency AI experiences, positioning Aethir as an indispensable resource for companies seeking AI-driven solutions.

Together, Aethir and Impossible Finance are forging a path toward a more inclusive, equitable, and innovative Web3 future. Their complementary strengths, combined expertise, and shared commitment to cloud gaming pave the way for unparalleled success in the realm of cloud infrastructure.

From 2021 to 2022, the gaming sector saw a 4% growth, driven by factors like the rise in mobile gaming and technological advancements. Meanwhile, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector experienced a significant 17% surge during the same period. Aethir's focus on building a decentralized cloud infrastructure for AI and gaming positions it at the heart of these growing sectors, emphasizing its role in shaping their future.

About Aethir

Aethir is revolutionizing the cloud infrastructure landscape by focusing on Decentralised Cloud Infrastructure (DCI) tailored for gaming and AI companies. Addressing a pressing issue in current cloud technology, Aethir offers an infrastructure alternative that solves the cost and latency challenges associated with delivering premium GPU computational loads to latency sensitive industries. Aethir offers an elegant infrastructure design that becomes faster and cheaper as it expands. Built by a seasoned team with experience in scaling top cloud gaming infrastructure, Aethir is an indispensable infrastructure solution for delivering low-latency, GPU resources via the cloud. Aethir  is at the forefront of catering to the ever-evolving needs of the AI and Gaming industry, leading the way in the development and deployment of next-gen cloud solutions.

About Impossible Finance

Impossible is an on-chain native, research advisory firm with a DeFi launchpad and accelerator. We help projects kickstart, scale and launch their tokens. We help users learn, discover and invest in early stage, high quality crypto opportunities.

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