Aethir & GAM3S.GG Join Forces
October 26, 2023

Aethir & GAM3S.GG Join Forces


Hello gaming aficionados! The gaming cosmos is buzzing with a major announcement, and if you’re passionate about the future of Web3 gaming, this is a development you can’t miss.

Aethir, renowned for its trailblazing role in decentralised cloud infrastructure (DCI), has formed a strategic alliance with GAM3S.GG, the vanguard platform in Web3 gaming. Together, they’re setting the stage to redefine our gaming experiences.

GAM3S.GG is more than a platform — it’s a universe where both developers and gamers converge to explore the world of blockchain gaming. Their vast array of top-tier games and an expansive library of riveting content perfectly meshes with Aethir’s aspiration of democratizing access to these games across the globe.

Here’s a nugget that’s bound to excite: Mark Rydon, the mind at the helm of Aethir, highlights how this partnership will dismantle barriers for gamers. No more grappling with the intricacies of accessing new, resource-intensive games. Omar Ghanem of GAM3S.GG envisions leveraging Aethir’s innovative technology to enable gamers to play the latest titles directly from their platform — no installations, no hardware hassles, just pure gaming from any device, anywhere.

The collaboration goes beyond simply enhancing the gamer’s experience. It’s an ambitious venture to revolutionize the underlying infrastructure of the gaming world. With Aethir’s prowess in low-latency cloud gaming and GAM3S.GG’s dedication to highlighting premier blockchain games, we’re on the cusp of a transformative shift in gaming infrastructure and community involvement.

For those keen on understanding the force behind this partnership, let’s delve a little deeper:

Aethir is redefining the domain of cloud infrastructure with a razor-sharp focus on Decentralised Cloud Infrastructure tailored for the gaming and AI segments. Addressing pressing challenges in the realm of cloud technology, Aethir crafts solutions that tackle both the cost and latency issues linked to delivering high-quality GPU computational capacities. With a team seasoned in scaling cloud gaming infrastructure, Aethir positions itself as a beacon in the ever-evolving AI and Gaming sector. To understand more of their vision, offers a comprehensive overview.

GAM3S.GG is the zenith of Web3 gaming. From uncovering the freshest games to offering reviews, news, and guides, they stand as a nexus for gamers worldwide. Their aim? To seamlessly connect gamers to blockchain-enhanced games, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement like never before.

The gaming horizon looks bright and exhilarating. Here’s to the dawn of a new era in Web3 gaming!


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