A Week as a Cloud Gamer
June 15, 2023

A Week as a Cloud Gamer


Today marked Day 1 as a cloud gamer. The world of cloud game was unchartered waters for me, but it’s caught my eye in recent months as headlines proclaimed cloud gaming is taking over the world, revolutionising gaming and rendering consoles obsolete.

Swept in by the promise of hardware-free games, fast streaming, and a more secure network, I felt a surge of pride in joining this ground-breaking revolution. I can imagine it evoked a similar sentiment to that of using the internet for the first time in the 90s or embarking on the first commercial flight — that exhilarating sense of stepping into an unprecedented revolution.

To kickstart my cloud gaming adventure, I eagerly subscribed to the latest gaming hub priced at a monthly subscription equating to my coffee budget for the week. Subscribing to the hardcore gamer plan, I was set to bypass the queue and gain priority to the next available game. It held great promise, and I couldn’t help but envision a great week ahead. I was ready for it.

As the virtual world materialised on my screen at lightning speed, I was immediately drawn in by the amazing quality in front of me. The graphics were nothing short of remarkable and the seamless streaming allowed me to play at crystal clear 1080p resolution at a fluid 60 frames per second. Why had I never tried this before?

As Day 3 of my cloud gaming escapade dawned, I found myself eager to explore the vast array of titles available at my virtual fingertips. Today, I decided to dive into the realm of immersive role-playing games. With a few clicks, I embarked on a classic FPS, Call of Duty: Warzone. As I engaged in intense firefights with players from around the world, I marvelled at the responsive controls and the lack of any noticeable latency. It had redefined the adage, you can’t eat your cake and have it too. In this case, I had both. Seamless gaming at low costs. The sheer thrill of competing in a high-stakes battle royale, left me wanting more.

As the week progressed, cloud gaming continued to exceed my expectations. On Day 5, I delved into the world of strategy and management simulations, selecting Cities: Skylines as my game of choice. Building and managing a virtual metropolis was made more enjoyable by the smooth streaming and the absence of any hardware limitations. I found myself losing track of time as the hours flew by.

On the final day of my first week as a cloud gamer, Day 7, I took a moment to reflect on the transformative journey I had embarked upon. The convenience, variety, and unparalleled quality of cloud gaming had completely revolutionized my perception. I could now resonate with the headlines boasting the end of consoles forever. No longer bound by hardware limitations or installation woes, I had embraced a new era where games were readily accessible, immersive, and shared effortlessly with fellow gamers.

With solutions like Aethir, anyone could enjoy the week that I had just experienced. In the backdrop of Aethir’s emergence, the hidden market of potential gamers, previously unable to access major gaming titles, may finally see the barriers crumble. The exorbitant costs of gaming PCs and next-gen consoles, which have long excluded many from the gaming landscape, might no longer be insurmountable hurdles. Through Aethir, a world with over 3 billion gamers can now dream of engaging with the iconic titles that have become synonymous with gaming culture.

With each passing day of the week, my belief in the potential of cloud gaming grew stronger. The potential for new releases, technological advancements, and the boundless creativity of game developers fueled my excitement for the future. As I eagerly anticipated the adventures that lay ahead, I marveled at the endless possibilities that cloud gaming had unlocked, forever altering the way I experienced the virtual realm.

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