Join Aethir’s First Community Call
October 31, 2023

Join Aethir’s First Community Call


In the ever-evolving realm of the gaming industry, few names have garnered as much attention and anticipation as Aethir. Aethir embarked on a quest not just to join the gaming world, but to redefine it. As we stand on the cusp of our Community Call on Thursday November 2 at 1pm UTC, it’s worth delving deep into what this means for the brand and its burgeoning community.

Aethir’s inception came at a time when the gaming universe, though expansive and dynamic, grappled with fundamental challenges. A staggering 90% of the global gamer population, despite their enthusiasm, found themselves tethered by latency issues stemming from their low-tier devices. This has not only restricted their gaming horizons but also hindered their access to high-end games that the market frequently produces. On the economic front, the once-robust revenue streams for developers and elite publishers have seen a downward trajectory. Reduced in-app purchases, unfavourable returns on advertising spends, and the increasing weight of platform fees have left many in the industry scrambling for solutions. Furthermore, despite the palpable buzz around cloud gaming and its transformative potential, many developers have approached this frontier with caution, leading to missed revenue opportunities and a diminished market presence.

However, in this landscape of challenges, Aethir discerned opportunities. Within a remarkably short span, the platform managed to amass a dedicated user base of 200,000. Collaborative endeavours saw ten of the industry’s most renowned games, spanning both the web2 and web3 spectrum, being integrated into Aethir’s ecosystem, which is currently under meticulous private beta testing. From a financial standpoint, Aethir marked a significant milestone in July 2023, successfully securing a hefty $9 million during its pre-series A funding round. This not only underscored the faith that the investor community placed in Aethir’s vision but also provided the impetus for further innovation.

Central to Aethir’s tech arsenal is its Global Node Network. This intricate web ensures that gamers, irrespective of their geographical location or device capabilities, can indulge in top-tier gaming experiences without a hitch. Complementing this is Aethir’s foray into cloud rendering, a move that promises gamers a seamless journey, unhindered by their device’s limitations or the game’s inherent demands. The platform’s assortment of tools, notably its SDK and intuitive onboarding systems, dramatically streamline developmental processes, slashing both time and costs.

But Aethir isn’t just about the tech. It’s about reshaping the gaming experience. It pledges unparalleled cost-effectiveness, ensuring that gamers don’t have to splurge to savour quality. Installation woes are a thing of the past, as Aethir offers the allure of instant gaming. Universality is key, with the platform being agnostic to devices or systems. And in a nod to the future, its seamless Web3 integration and embedded cryptocurrency wallet ensure that Aethir is not just relevant for today but primed for tomorrow.

As for the road ahead, Aethir’s vision is both ambitious and clear. The immediate focus is on diversifying the game library and honing the existing infrastructure to perfection. Mid-term goals pivot around harnessing the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and strategically penetrating markets dominated by low-end devices. The long-term horizon gleams with the promise of transitioning from private beta to a public platform, supplemented by community-building initiatives like developer workshops and seminars.

With this backdrop, the Community Call, slated for October 31, isn’t just another event. It’s a testament to Aethir’s unwavering commitment to its community and its overarching mission. Hosted by Mark and featuring Kyle, this live stream promises to be both enlightening and engaging. For those eager to be a part of this gaming revolution, tuning in is imperative.

In conclusion, the gaming world is on the brink of a seismic shift. And with Aethir leading the charge, the future is not just promising, but poised for unprecedented exhilaration. The call beckons. Will you answer?

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