The Aethir Adventure Reward Program
November 1, 2023

The Aethir Adventure Reward Program


Hello Aethir friends. It is great to have you with us as we build the best decentralized cloud infrastructure (DCI), we value your participation as part of our community and are grateful to have you with us as we grow.

We are proud and excited to launch the Aethir Adventure Rewards Program! This program is a cumulation of Aethir community events and partnership contests that are aimed at rewarding loyal and active community members. Deserving community members stand the chance to win rewards as we head towards our official launch and get the earliest taste of Aethir’s product!

  • Campaign POAPS

Through Aethir’s partnership with campaign platform partners such as Galxe, QuestN and Zealy, we are launching a series of community tasks, knowledge quizzes, special prizes and more initiatives to reward our community members. There will be cash prizes and other special gifts! Every form of participation counts towards your rewards pool and the more you push Aethir the more you earn.

TaskOn: Secure your chance to win 2000 USDT!

Galxe: Come have fun with us, we are giving away POAPs

QuestN: Join our QuestN Questers to win from $100 prize pool

Zealy: Be one of the winners in our $1,200 Zealy Prize Pool!!

Gleam: Aethir Mega Contest with $1k Prize and Taylor Swift Ticket!

Trantor: Join the Aethir Quest and stand a chance to win from a $500 prize pool

  • Community Gaming Contests

Aethir aims to provide the best decentralized cloud solutions for gamers, projects, AI users and more. With this in mind, we will be working with games to help onboard the set of web2 players into web3 and reward current players in the space. Aethir will be partnering with various Web3 Gaming Guilds and gaming partners to create gaming contests for our community members to compete, have a good time and make frens. We have some partners already locked in and ready to work with us, make sure to keep an eye out on our social media channels as we begin to announce these dates. We can’t wait to play your favorite games with our community!

  • Community AMAs

To explore the cloud landscape and introduce the importance of Aethir to the Web3 and Cloud space, we will be holding regular Twitter Spaces and Discord Community AMAs for our community members. There will be rewards for attendees so be sure to be a part of it. Stay tuned for our announcements for specific campaign details. Some of our past AMAs include;

Deep Dive into DePin

State of web3 Gaming

Infrastructure for web3 Gaming


Space with Nikki on Gaming Livestreams and Esports
Space with Sailswars Game on Building Gaming Communities
Space with YieldNest on Crypto and Liquid Re/Staking
  • The Aethir Cloud Dreamers Ambassadors

As we keep growing, we would love to keep rewarding active and deserving community members who share our visions. Aethir will be launching our ambassador program for community members to join and assist our ecosystem growth. We believe that by building with our community we will create a longer lasting project. We plan to recruit official ambassadors to help Aethir on regional contents, events, moderations or any creative ideas that the community thinks are helpful. We will announce this initiative when it is live, watch out!

Remember, every contribution counts. All community participation will earn you different rewards as you build and you grow with Aethir. Join us and make Aethir great!

Aethir focuses on building Scalable Decentralised Cloud Infrastructure (DCI) for Gaming & AI. We make complex, latency dependent cloud infra more accessible.

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