2023’s Most Anticipated Blockchain Games
October 16, 2023

2023’s Most Anticipated Blockchain Games


Blockchain and NFT gaming is dominating the virtual sphere, promising not only thrilling gameplay but also lucrative real-world rewards. If you’re eager to be at the forefront of this wave, this comprehensive guide will spotlight the top 10 games you shouldn’t miss in 2023.

Blockchain Gaming Explained

According to DappRadar, there are 398 active and a total of 1,179 blockchain games, marking a 71% increase over the previous year. Blockchain games incorporate blockchain technology, enabling in-game economies to be linked to tangible assets like cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This means players can earn as they play, bagging game-native tokens which they can later exchange for other cryptos or fiat currency.

Role of Blockchain Games in the Gaming Industry

Previously, profit-making in games was limited to trading in-game goods and cheat codes. Blockchain gaming, however, lets even the average player earn real-world money. Even if a game shuts down, assets remain thanks to blockchain’s transparent record.

Availability of Free Blockchain Games

While many games like Axie Infinity necessitate an upfront payment, there are blockchain games that are entirely free, providing equal earning opportunities.

Top 10 Blockchain Games to Dive Into in 2023

1. Blocklords

A medieval strategy PC game that brings a decentralized on-chain game economy. Delve deep into the world of lords, taxes, and land ownership.

2. Lucky Block

Mine and craft in a randomly generated digital realm.

3. Champions Ascension

A combat RPG that’s transitioned to Polygon and boasts intricate world lore. It is currently in early alpha mode.

4. Silks

An online trading card game powered by the STT token.

5. Guild of Guardians

A mobile-based roguelike squad RPG developed by the makers behind beloved titles like “The Last of Us.”

5. MetalCore

A large-scale sci-fi shooter offering mech and vehicle battles with a focus on high utility NFTs. Set to launch later this year.

5. Axie Infinity

Battle with and raise mystical creatures in a 3D world.

6. Phantom Galaxies

An open-world sci-fi game offering combats and an intergalactic setting. Early access release is slated for 2nd November.

7. Project Legends

A hero-collecting RPG set to provide a sandbox experience with top-tier execution. Set for release in 2024.

7. Shrapnel

Touted as the first blockchain-enabled AAA FPS, this game brings a futuristic setting and emphasis on digital ownership.

8. The Sandbox

More than just a game, The Sandbox offers a sprawling playground in the web3 space with user-generated content at its core.

9. Wildcard

A TCG game offering NFT-based card battle in the virtual world of Frostburn Village. Currently in the public playtest phase.

These games are not only testaments to the potential of blockchain technology in gaming but also represent the future of interactive entertainment. As the digital and real worlds continue to blend this year, these titles will surely be at the forefront of the next gaming revolution. So, whether you’re a seasoned player or an intrigued newbie, there’s a world of opportunities waiting for you!

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